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All classes in this program offer a fun and creative introduction to dance for 2-6 year olds incorporating Brain Dance warm-up movement patterns to strengthen gross motor skills, cognitive function, core support and alignment, and a deeper understanding of dance technique. We support the development of the whole child and their love of dance, music, and self-expression. All classes are invited to perform in our Spring story-ballet recital!  

The Discover Early Development Program

Ages 2-6

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Joy of Movement

2 y.o.

 Caregivers and young dancers build a loving relationship as they tip toe, spin, and jump together. They learn a love of dance through rhyme, story-telling, and movement patterns that build motor skills, musicality, and formative ballet skills. By the Spring, dancers are confident and independent as they dance alone with their classmates, ready to dance as a group! 

Creative Movement

3 y.o.

Dancers build dance strength, grace, and balance through ballet center work, patterns across the floor, and imaginative play. As a group they travel together, combine movements into beautiful phrases, and develop performance confidence. 

Discover Dance

4-5 y.o.

 Children learn more complex dance concepts, vocabulary, and social interaction through partnering and strengthening of ballet fundamentals. Dancers discover movement levels, self-expression, and the joy of pretend and character development.

Pre-Ballet 1


5 y.o.- 6 y.o.

This course provides a solid foundation of ballet structure, vocabulary, and technique. Students develop barre skills and continue working on the more challenging aspects of coordination, balance, and strengthening of the dancer's body awareness. 

Tap 1

4-6 y.o.

Students learn fundamental tap elements in a fun and creative way as they develop an understanding of beat, tempo, and rhythm. Dancers will learn basic tap vocabulary and practice balance and weight shifts as they use the barre, travel through space, and learn to produce tap sounds to the music!

Jazz 1

6-7 y.o.

This class offers a fun introduction to Jazz dance techniques for our older Early Development dancers transitioning toward the Foundations Program.

*Age by 9/1/2022.


If you are unsure about class placement, please email with your child's age and experience level so we can place him/her properly.

You may schedule a FREE trial class to be sure your child and the class are a good fit for one another.

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