Tristan Bruns Named Principle Dance's 2015-2016 Resident Artist!

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Tristan has been chosen because of his enthusiasm, talent, creativity, and passion for connecting people with a generous spirit. In selecting him, Principle Dance hopes to nurture a love and appreciation for tap dance in our students. We are also excited to have a male role model for boys that dance.


Tristan Bruns has studied tap dance with Donna Johnson, Ted Levy, Lane Alexander and Martin “Tre” Dumas and has a BA in Music from Columbia College Chicago. Tristan has been an ensemble member of such Chicago tap companies as BAM!, The Cartier Collective and MADD Rhythms. Tristan currently produces his own work through his company, TapMan Productions. He is interested in exploring ways of integrating tap dance and modern dance.

Over the course of his Principle Dance residency, Tristan is interested in organizing tap jams that bring novice and professional rhythm makers together. He will teach tap workshops and create a forum for the integration of modern dance and tap dance. TapMan Productions will rehearse at Principle Dance, and his company will perform at our Forest Park location. Details will be finalized over the course of the summer, and Tristan's residency officially begins in September.


Stay tuned for details about workshops that Tristan will offer at Principle Dance!

Click here to see video of Tristan's performance which won Dance Chicago's 2013 Outstanding Choreography Award.