With the current state-wide Shelter In-Place Order in effect until, at least, April 7th, we have been hard at work planning a way to continue all of ours students' dance classes, curriculum, and recital choreography while at home. This being said, we are excited to announce that Principle Dance will be moving ONLINE starting Monday, March 30th!

We have seen many other studios have great success with online classes during this time, and we can't wait to have the opportunity to keep dancing with your students. We ask that you please read the below information carefully, as there are a lot of details to help ensure this transition is a successful one!
At this time, it is our plan to continue to move forward (online) with recital choreography for all classes and small featured role groups. Although this year's recital may end up looking very different than those of years past, we are dedicated to still providing this performance experience for them, in whatever capacity we are safely able to accommodate at that time. Arrangements will be made and more details released when we, as a community, have a better timeline. 

With the addition of one week of classes in June (to replace the week of 3/16-3/21), we will be moving the last tuition installment date one week later to Monday, April 20th, instead of the scheduled Monday, April 13th date. It is our hope, that closer to this date, we will have a better timeline for the course of Social Distancing and how to move forward from there. 


30 and 45 Minute Classes:

In an effort to provide flexibility for our younger dancers to take their class at home, at an ideal time for their family members/care takers, and when access to a computer or smart phone device is available, all classes 45 minutes and under will be pre-recorded by their teachers and uploaded to a private YouTube link, which will then be sent to all of the families in that class each week. 

As we get one week of online classes under our belt, we may transition to a portion of these classes being held virtually via a Zoom Video Meeting to check-in with recital choreography, but that will be determined and communicated at a later date. 

If you or your student has a question specifically related to the technique class video or the recital choreography, we ask that you please email Ms. Bethany (info@principledance.com) and in the subject of the email write: ATTN (Teacher's Name) Class Question and she will make sure this is promptly communicated to your teacher so that we can get you a quick response. All other questions, not related to classes or choreography, should be emailed to kimandryan@principledance.com

Please keep in mind, all YouTube class and choreography links should NOT be shared publicly, as they are intellectual property of our Teachers and Choreographers and meant for online class use only.

60, 75 and 120 Minute Classes:

For the same reasons, as listed above, the technique/class portion of each of these classes will be pre-recorded and uploaded via a private YouTube link for student access each week. With the remaining 30 minutes of each class time, these classes will meet virtually via a Zoom Video Meeting (at the below shortened schedule) to rehearse recital choreography in real time with your Teacher/Choreographer. 

The breakdown for these classes is as follows:

60 minute classes = (30 minute YouTube class, 30 minute Live Zoom Rehearsal)
75 minute classes = (45 minute YouTube class, 30 minute Live Zoom Rehearsal)
120 minute classes = (90 minute YouTube class, 30 minute Live Zoom Rehearsal)*
  *Pathway dancers will be receiving an additional email regarding more specifics.

Zoom Meeting Set-Up, Etiquette, and Schedule:

Some of you may already be experienced with Zoom after these two weeks, but if not, Zoom is a free online website/app download, that will allow you to sign-in to a real-time video meeting with others that are invited by a Meeting ID and Password. Zoom can be accessed on a computer, smart phone, or tablet device. If you would like to download it today to get familiar, please click here. If not, you will receive our invitation to set up a free account, when your invitation for class is received with your Meeting ID and Password. If for some reason your student is not able to login for the scheduled Zoom Meeting, an updated class choreography video will be posted after each live meeting, showing the choreography that was added. Please let us know if your student will not be able to "attend" the scheduled Zoom Meeting time. 

Zoom Etiquette:

  • You will notice on the schedule that each 30 minute rehearsal has a 5-minute break in-between, to allow the teachers to take a moment to regroup for the next rehearsal, and to provide for any overlap between classes, with the next class signing in. We ask that you please not login to your scheduled rehearsal time until, no earlier than 3 minutes ahead of time, so that you aren't disrupting the end of the previous rehearsal. 


  • Once logged in and all students are accounted for, your students will be placed on Mute so that the group does not receive any additional sound feedback to distract from their meeting time. If your student has a question, they can certainly give the teacher a wave to be un-muted to communicate, or there is also an option to send a chat message to the class, where questions can be asked as well. 


  • To make the best use of the 30 minute rehearsal time together, we ask that your student remember to please use the restroom before the meeting begins, to be wearing appropriate garments to dance in (it is not required to be in full dress code, but form-fitting clothes should be worn so that the teachers can see their bodies to make appropriate corrections), and to make sure that the device being used is fully charged. 

Zoom Class Schedule:

Please click here to view the Zoom online meeting schedule. All classes will still meet on their normal class day, but due to each rehearsal only being 30 minutes, the usual "class" time may differ.

If your student is in more than one class per evening (with different instructors), they will need to exit their current meeting with one teacher and log into the other teacher's Personal Meeting ID, which (both) will be made available to you.

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