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The foundations Program

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This program offers a home for dancers 6+ years seeking a recreational approach without sacrificing quality instruction and student progress.  Ballet students are invited to participate in The Nutcracker performance in December; all students are encouraged to participate in our Spring recital performance in June. Speak to the Directors to ensure proper class placement.

Ages 6-18

To view this program's schedule & tuition, please click here


Pre-Ballet 2 (6-7 yrs)

Ballet 1 (7-8 yrs)

Ballet 2 (8-9 yrs)

Ballet 3 (9-11 yrs)

Ballet 4 (11-14 yrs*)

Ballet 5 (13-16 yrs*)

Ballet 6 (15+ yrs*)

*With experience*


Jazz 2 (7-9 yrs)

Jazz 3 (9-11 yrs)

Jazz 4 (11-13 yrs)

Jazz 5 (13-15 yrs*)

Jazz 6 (15+ yrs*)


Tap 2 (7-9 yrs)

Tap 3 (10-12 yrs)

Tap 4 (12+*)

Tap 5 (13+ yrs*)

Hip Hop

Hip-Hop 1 (8-12 yrs)

Hip-Hop 2 (12+ yrs*)


Contemporary 1 (9-11 yrs**)

Contemporary 2 (11-13 yrs)

Contemporary 3 (13-15 yrs*)

Contemporary 4 (15+ yrs*)

**Must have one prior year of ballet or jazz**

Leaps & Turns Technique

Leaps & Turns intensively focuses on proper techniques and coordination for multiple turns and leaps used in ballet, jazz, and contemporary techniques. Dancers must also be enrolled in a Ballet Class (Level 4 or higher). Ages 12+.


2022-2023 Foundations Class Details Coming Soon!

Pre-Pointe & Pointe

Pre-Pointe (10-12 yrs*)

Beginning Pointe (12+yrs***)

Int/Advanced Pointe (14+ yrs***)

***With permission***

*Ages by 9/1/2022

If you are unsure about class placement, please email with your child's age and experience level so we can place him/her properly.

You may schedule a FREE trial class to be sure your child and the class are a good fit for one another.

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