What parents are saying about Principle Dance:


My daughter has been taking classes at Principle Dance for nearly four years, starting at age 4... I explored another dance studio closer to home but after one class I knew I had to go back to Principle... Comparing the two really made me appreciate the professional and high quality instruction my daughter receives at Principle... The recitals are truly exquisite with original stories, delightful (and appropriate) music, creative sets and lighting, and the costume rental fees are kept to a minimum. We will follow Principle Dance wherever they go!

-Julie W.


My daughters have been participating in classes at Principle Dance since it opened in 2007 and have enjoyed their experience.  I have been very impressed with the quality of the entire program.  Beginning with the director, Heather Overbeck, she is professional, organized, creative, talented, and has a clear vision of how her program works.  She has developed a curriculum for the dance classes which begins with learning the basics and progresses toward perfecting technique all while maintaining a fun and age-appropriate atmosphere. She effectively and consistently communicates with parents and is always receptive to suggestions, comments.  The instructors at Principle Dance are also outstanding!  They are professional, motivating, and creative.  My children love them all!  The performances are always impressive with beautiful costumes (which are not a huge expense to the dancers) and wonderful music.  I am always amazed at how calm and poised Heather and the teachers are during the rehearsals and performances...

-Jill G.


My daughter has been with Principle for 4 years.  Our experience at another studio was disappointing; quite the opposite of what we have experienced at Principle.  Our daughter's technique improved dramatically during her first year.  Heather, the director has been extremely accommodating without compromising quality dance instruction.  She wants her students to excel and fosters a love of dance.

-Annette Z.


We LOVE Principle Dance.  The instructors are very professional, kind, energetic, and encouraging.  My daughter (13 yrs old) has been dancing since she was 7 at another well respected school and switched to Principle Dance 1 1/2 years ago.  She absolutely loves it here!  The instructors all seem to care about each dancer and really give personal attention to them.  This is a great place!

-Vicki R.


My teenage daughter has danced at Principle Dance for 4 years. She came to Principle with 8 years of dance experience at another studio,  but wanted to try Pointe dance. She danced jazz, ballet, pointe, and modern. She participated in every class she could fit into her busy schedule. The teachers have been amazing. Very professional and a culture of respect for the Art, and for each other. I will always be thankful my daughter had this experience for the past 4 years.

-Donna M.


We have two daughters that dance here and we absolutely love it! We are thrilled with the level of attention and care each child is given. The new studio space is beautiful and gives dancers the proper place to train. We highly recommend this studio...

-Alica B.


My girls have been with Principle Dance for about 5 years. They all LOVE their instructors!

I've found them to be great at nurturing enthusiasm, while at the same time keeping an emphasis on proper technique. With friends at other dance schools, they seem be drawn in by how flashy what the kids are learning is, but at Principle, I can tell that the girls are learning foundational skills that are going to benefit them in the long run. By no means do you have to think your kids are going to be serious dancers, only, if they go here. There is plenty of time for dance that is more 'play' or 'creative movement' during a class, but the instructors are working from a curriculum that is consistent from class to class, instructor to instructor, and not a hodge-podge of whatever a teacher is feeling that day (which was some of our experience before coming here). I also think that the front desk staff does a great job. Just the other day, they were sweet enough to pass on a message from my daughter to one of her friends, since we weren't able to make it to class.

-Hannah D.


As a professional choreographer (artistic director Lucky Plush Productions), I take dance education seriously, and sent my kids to Principle Dance... Heather and the instructors at Principle Dance are highly qualified, smart, dedicated, and demonstrate the best combination of being both loving and firm to develop a strong work ethic and high standards.

-Julia R..